End The Chronic Emotional Eating Cycle With A Simple & Effective Technique! Release The Emotional Charge Responsible For 75% or More of Stress Eating With Tapping. 


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I’m Jason - Recovered Emotional Eater & Gold Standard EFT Tapping & Mindset Coach. In this short video, I’ll walk you through the necessary EFT tapping points and an introductory tapping session. 

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3 FREE Tapping Scripts to help release the emotional charge responsible for 75% or more of emotional eating. From endless food cravings, binging, and feeling a lack of self-control, I’ll help teach you the same techniques that supported me in overcoming my own food addiction, reclaim control over my emotions, and living in a better, healthier way! 

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Jason, EFT Tapping Coach

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“Jason, thanks for these incredible tapping scripts. I actually look forward to working through (or should I say, TAPPING through:) the issues you helped me identify. Learning that there could be several layers to ONE negative feeling was sooo helpful. I experienced more clarity in one session than I’ve had in almost a decade. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a special kind of Coach. You’re not just sending out eating plans; you help us get to the root of our relationship with food. Thank you!!” πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜­β€οΈ 


Break Free from Overeating & Tap Away Food Cravings Using My 3 Proven Tapping Scripts at NO COST!


(Even if you’ve tried diets, journaling, or hiring a professional!) 

My 3 Free Tapping Scripts will help you:


  • End food cravings and rebuild your relationship with food so you can enjoy what you eat without using it as an emotional crutch. 
  • Break free from emotional eating once and for all and learn how to manage your emotions without beating yourself up! 
  • Love yourself fully and unconditionally through the power of genuine acceptance and self-love intervention, even if you’ve never felt confident or worthy. 
  • Harness the POWER of emotional freedom techniques (EFT), so you can experience ultimate emotional freedom and control!
  • Release years of ingrained beliefs and eating habits that have fueled an unhealthy and lonely life of shame!

Feel confident and in control over your mind and body ANYTIME & ANYWHERE, so you never again have to hide in the closet, stash away food, or experience food related sadness.

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“My chocolate craving went from a 9 down to a 0 in 5 minutes. I no longer had a taste for it. I couldn't even find the craving. So amazing!!!”


Who is Jason?

I’m Jason Winters - a Gold Standard EFT Tapping & Mindset Coach for people who face little to no control over their emotions and are trapped while their emotions take over and they experience anxiousness, stress, sadness, emotional eating, and unhealthy habits that only fuel more sorrow. 

I help my clients experience the freedom that comes from releasing the emotional charges so they can take full reign over their mind and body to thrive in their health, life, and business. 

I do this by combining my personal experience of breaking through anxiety-induced binge eating, the stress around business success, and training from the world's largest health coaching institute IIN (The Institute of Integrative Nutrition) to help everyday people as well as influential leaders step out of overwhelming emotions like anxiety, stress, and overwhelm into peaceful possibilities.

To date, I've helped guide hundreds of people to use their intuitive wisdom as a tool and establish practical boundaries, healthy lifestyles, and dependable, supportive systems.

Now, I want to introduce you to a proven way of achieving emotional freedom so you can make breakthrough advances in life, health, and business.

I will introduce you to a simple and effective strategy to finally achieve the emotional freedom you need to end emotional eating and instead learn how to use healthy coping mechanisms to thrive in your life, health, and career. 
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