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I have actually been using EFT for 3 years and this is the 1st time I’ve actually felt this much of a shift. In 1 hour I felt like I had more breakthroughs than I have in years. When I tap on my own, I feel a difference, but tapping with you made a huge difference. I could really feel the emotional shift.

It may seem like a simple thing but now I honor my own schedule. I don’t feel pressured to make myself available outside of my planned business hours. I had an aha… My ideal client who really wants to work with me will pick a time during my business hours.

I feel more in control of my business because I never work outside of my scheduled hours. I have more clients coming to me and I’m able to manage them without feeling overwhelmed because our agreement is on my terms. I’m still amazed that all this came from just a few sessions and 1 month of your group program.

Thanks for allowing me to see how my daily life and business were influencing each other and teaching me EFT as a tool I can use in both areas.

EFT is more than a coping mechanism. You have given me something to break through my blocks. Thanks so much for this Jason. You are such a good guy!

~Tina G. – Certified Life Coach

Jason, you know how fearful I used to be when it was time to hit the go live button on Instagram. I’ve tried everything. When I would go live I was so nervous that the lives never showed my true personalty and at the end of the live I would feel embarrassed and just delete it because I was shaking so badly.

Since the session last month, I have not deleted any of my lives! One of the live videos I made a mistake and I was like, “Oh well!”

I can’t believe this. Its crazy I have no issue going live on IG now and people are showing up to my broadcasts and the engagement is growing week after week. You know I was a skeptic, but now I’m sold on EFT!

~Sara J. – Integrative Holistic Health Coach

I always knew I had money blocks but Jason helped me get to the root cause of my blocks and get over them. I don’t even flench when someone asks my prices. Your tapping work is amazing. I’m so happy to have you in my life now.

Jennifer J. (Life & Meditation Coach)

Jason, you are an amazing EFT coach. Ive been trying to complete this program since December. I still can’t believe I finished writing my program within 3 days after the tapping session. I used to get so distracted when it was time to work on client programs but since our 2 sessions I rarely procrastinate and thanks to your accountability I’m getting so much more done. It’s only been one month and I see a huge difference in my life and business.

~Joanne (Holistic Health Coach)

OMG! I really was skeptical about tapping. I still can’t believe it worked so quickly.

I feel so energized emotionally and in 1 week I’ve landed 4 new clients in my coaching program and 1 is a high ticket item.

Thank you so much Jason. Looking forward to next weeks session

~Dr. Carmen D. (Holistic Nutritionists & Life Coach)

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