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I share the gift of emotional freedom so you can overcome any obstacles holding you back from the life you want to live. With my help, you’ll discover the confidence and courage you need to do whatever you want in life & business and enjoy the health you deserve!

I have dedicated my life to helping people discover success on their terms while experiencing true emotional freedom. You'll accomplish this too by defeating the emotional battles that lead to procrastination, anxiety, overwhelm, and poor confidence. In turn, you’ll live your life with authenticity and confidence fully aligned with your goals and dreams!

Let me share my story with you, so you can understand why I’m so passionate about sharing Emotional Freedom Techniques, and helping others achieve an empowered mindset.

Hiding my Pain Through Food

From the time I was a child, and well into adulthood, I struggled with my weight. I suffered from low self-esteem, I hated how I looked, and I hated who I was becoming. I wasn’t happy at all, and what I wanted was to lose weight and feel good about myself.

I tried every diet I could find — shakes, pills, fasts — and nothing worked. Within a few weeks, I’d turn back to donuts, chocolate, and binge eating.

I used food to hide my emotional pain. Whether I was worried, depressed, angry, sad, tired, or stressed — I ate. I felt like my only source of comfort came from the pantry, the vending machine, or the drive-thru.

A Life-Changing Mindset Shift

I finally had my “A-ha!” moment when I realized that diets weren’t going to fix my food addiction. I wasn’t struggling with my weight because of the physical stuff, it was EMOTIONAL pain that was hurting me. I was stuck!

I had to shift my brain away from the limiting beliefs and negativity, and learn how to acknowledge and accept my fears and difficulties. Only then could I make the physical shifts needed to overcome my weight struggles.

And once I had this moment of true clarity, I knew that if I could change my mindset, I could be free from excess weight, and that’s what I set out to do.


Sharing the Gift of Health

Once I realized the gift of mindset-shifting techniques, I became passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. I became a Certified Integrative Health Coach to guide others in safe, sustainable weight loss methods through mindset transformation.

But I wasn’t successful when I started…

I had the passion for helping others live their best life.

I had a globally recognized education from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I had years of experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur.

On paper, there was no reason why my coaching business shouldn’t be successful!


But in reality, my MINDSET wasn’t ready!

I had emotional barriers that stopped me from living out my purpose and passion! I had low confidence in my value of work and experience, which led to me giving away my services.

I felt like an imposter, afraid to put myself truly out there because I was worried my ideal clients would see right through me.

I knew I couldn’t hold myself back or only give halfway! But, that’s what I was doing.

I felt totally overwhelmed! Something had to change!

Discovering Ongoing Emotional Freedom

I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or “Tapping,” to help me overcome my food addiction. I dove deeper into the healing methods of EFT, to acknowledge and accept the fears and anxieties that were holding me back in ALL areas of my life. Through tapping, I was able to get to the core of my emotional obstacles, recognize them, and actively choose to overcome them!

Through EFT, I discovered my confidence as a powerful, gifted coach. I found my clarity to move forward towards my goals, and I fully accepted myself, which allowed me to be emotionally and mentally at peace.

Emotional Freedom Techniques allowed me to successfully realize my dreams in life & business. I achieved success by working with my clients and helping them achieve their goals of improved health and wellbeing.

Guiding Others Through EFT Coaching

Now, I’m a Gold Standard EFT Coach who provides guides EFT sessions in group and one-on-one settings! I love seeing the progress that can happen when a person taps into the core of their fears, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs, so they can move beyond them and experience Emotional Freedom.

Here’s the thing — once you overcomes fear and anxiety, TREMENDOUS things happen, including:

  •  Realizing you are enough!

  • Overcoming fears and all self-doubt!

  • Breaking through plateaus and achieving your goals!

  • Thriving in your career or business!

  • Experiencing optimal health and freedom from emotional eating and cravings!

  • Life how you want to live it!

If you’re ready to discover how EFT coaching can help you discover your true potential, I want to share this opportunity with you!

Get ready to start your own journey today!

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