Join a community of people who are healing their relationship with Food!

Break The Cycle of Emotional Eating, Overcome Food Cravings, and Live Life On Your Terms Using EFT Tapping


Get LIVE COACHING, EFT Tapping Sessions and ON-DEMAND TRAINING, Tools, Journals, and more…


Stop fighting alone. Become part of a powerful community, to learn a new way to deal with cravings and emotional eating as they come up.

Implement the practice of self-acceptance with ease, intuitive eating, and EFT Tapping to retrain your brain and behaviors.


For Only $7/MONTH


Most coaches charge anywhere from $97 to $297 per month for this kind of value. 

But I decided to create one every person could afford for just $7/month

Here is what you've been told to do when trying to put an end to emotional eating...

  • Try intermittent fasting and keep adjusting your eating window. (Hungry all the time!)🤤
  • The next detox or cleanse backed by science will heal you at a cellular level. 
  •  It's all about calories in vs. calories out.🍕 🥗  🚴🏾‍♀️  🍔  🥦  🏃🏾‍♀️
  • A personal trainer is the way to go. 🏋🏼‍♂️
  • Healthy eating will help. (But what is actually healthy?)❓❓
  • “Clean Eating” and good nutrition will eventually help you find balance and center. (But binging keeps happening!🍩 🥓🧁🍪)
  • It’s all in your mind – just need a lil bit more self-control and willpower. 💪🏾
  • Just practice body acceptance and embrace all of you. (But you’re frightened because you know your health is on the line.)🩺 🏥
  • Get to the root cause of your childhood trauma and eating issues. (HuH?)🤷🏽‍♀️ 
  • Drink these $500 shakes and this special berry juice from the deepest part of Africa and you’ll be healed. 💰  🤑
  • Drink ketones and add fat to your coffee. ☕️ 🤔

But OMG… you are exhausted, aren’t you?😓

You Want Real Results, But all the information is conflicting.🤷🏻‍♀️

Or you could use a proven signature process to enjoy the benefits of EFT Tapping and powerful mindset reconditioning to reach Food Freedom in a supportive environment.

Here is what happens when you do that:

  • You tap to reset your relationship with food and wake up Monday morning ready to start a new day instead of a new diet. 🤗
  • You will be free of unwanted nagging food cravings. 🤩
  • ​You show up as a confident person and attract the things in life you really want because you no longer feel the need to hide who you are. 🥰
  • You have what it takes to really make peace with food rather than struggling and relying on willpower alone. 😄
  • You reclaim your body, health, sanity, and happiness. 🏖
  • You are no longer frustrated and exhausted from constant counting, measuring, and tracking your diet 🤗
  • You NEVER have to miss out on your favorite foods
  • You wont ever again fall victim to the scale determining your worth. ❌   ⚖️
  • You’ll never be alone in this journey to Food Freedom 🫂
  • You get to live your authentic life on your terms 🥳 

Sounds Too Good To Be True? I Know… Keep Reading…



I’ll be honest with you

Me getting to this point wasn't easy


From the time I was a child and well into adulthood, I struggled with I called emotional eating. I suffered from low self-esteem, hated how I looked and hated who I was becoming. I wasn't happy, and I wanted nothing more than to lose weight and feel good about myself.

I tried every diet I could find — shakes, pills, fasts — and nothing worked. Within a few weeks, I’d turn back to donuts, chocolate, and binge eating.

I used food to hide my emotional pain. Whether I was worried, depressed, angry, sad, tired, or stressed — I ate. I felt like my only source of comfort came from the pantry, the vending machine, or the drive-thru.

 I finally had my "A-ha!" moment when I realized that diets weren't going to fix my food addiction. I wasn't struggling with my weight because of the physical stuff; it was the EMOTIONAL pain that was hurting me. I was stuck!

I had to shift my brain away from the limiting beliefs and negativity and learn how to acknowledge and accept my fears and stressors to overcome my eating struggles.

And once I had this moment of true clarity, I knew that if I could change my mindset I could be free from the cycle of emotional eating, and that’s what I set out to do.

I learned about this amazing tool that I could use anywhere, at any time. And once I knew about it, I became passionate about guiding others in safe, sustainable ways to end chronic emotional eating by using this proven method. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of other people with their issues around their emotional eating, and now you can become one of them for less than a fancy cup of coffee at Starbucks.

You’re wondering what this magic tool is?



The exact steps to Food Freedom and developing eating habits that support your best life without depriving yourself of the foods you love to eat.


Not only will you dive beneath the surface of your disordered relationship with food - but the club also gives you the knowledge, power, tools, and support to understand and heal what you find there so you can create lasting peace and change in your life.

When you join the Food Freedom Club...

You get targeted training, tools, and resources designed to help you gain awareness and get to the root of your relationship with food and how it plays a role in your life, coupled with a supportive community with others who are on the Food Freedom journey along with you...

You’ll get instant access to:
  • 9 bite-sized lessons that provide you with the step-by-step process toward Food Freedom. 
  • ​All the worksheets and journals that you need to help you ​​become more aware of and Change Your Core Belief Systems
  • A full complete Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Training
  • An ever-growing resource library with EFT Tapping scripts and audio sessions.
  • Access to the Food Freedom Club Facebook group Community for accountability, connection, and support
  • ​Feedback and suggestions on the challenges you face along the way
  • ​1 Live Coachings and Q&As every month


To Support You

Stop fighting alone. Become part of a powerful community, learn to practice self-love with ease, intuitive eating, and EFT Tapping to retrain your brain and behaviors.

I am so convinced of the method and tools shared in this success club because they helped me to completely re-write my food story, change my life, and create the life of my dreams.

I have a question for you...

What if I can help you before your next late-night binge to get off the emotional eating diet rollercoaster?


I love celebrating our members' wins…

But I also love that you can fund this Success Club with less than a cup of coffee. You can change your life for less than your Netflix membership.

Do you think that this can help you Break the Cycle of Chronic Emotional Eating + Make Peace With Food?


👉The Food Freedom Club is for two specific people….


People who have tried everything else and finally want to Create New Ways to Nourish their Feelings and Reset their Relationship With Food to Live a life filled with confidence and self-love.

People who have explored similar emotional healing techniques before, but haven’t been able to fully unlock the power of tools like tapping and mindset conditioning..

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place! You are ready to disrupt the norm, jump off the diet rollercoaster, and try something lasting and sustainable.

Join the coach Food Freedom & Tapping Club!

You don’t need more willpower, another diet, a January reset, Monday do-over, or a lemonade cleanse to make peace with food.

With an aligned community, the right tools,  EFT/Tapping Techniques To Release Stress and Finally Separate Your Feelings From Food,

A Private Online Resource, A Supportive Community For Overcoming Food Co-Dependence and Thriving Through Food Freedom

you will become exactly the person of your intentions.

If you’re asking yourself…

“I already tried and invested in so many things that didn’t help me, so why do I need the Food Freedom & Tapping Club?”

Then let me tell you this:

  • This is NOTHING like the things you’ve bought before.

  •  This will help you to flip the switch from chronic emotional eating to Food Freedom.

  •  ​This will allow you to get the accountability, learning, and feedback to become attuned to your deeper needs, wants, and desires in life without being controlled by food.

  •  This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge it also gives you step-by-step guidance, tapping scripts, and worksheets that you can use in your life instantly.

  •  You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing people that are on the same journey.

  •  There is no risk (14-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel at any time.)

  •  ​This costs less than a quarter a day and it has the potential to change your whole life and bring you more in alignment with who you’re meant to be with confidence and abundance.

I stand by the things I share with you in this Food Freedom & Tapping Club because they got me off the binge-purge cycle… 

and I want the same for you!


Instead of feeling disgusted with yourself for “falling of the wagon” you’ll have instant relief and peace. 

You don’t need to punish yourself because you ate something that you enjoyed. 

No need to exercise to compensate for eating or being consumed by the thoughts of eating bad or the “wrong” foods. 

This skill will serve you for the rest of your life. Once you learn it, no one can take it away from you.


Go from having a confused and disordered relationship with food to being crystal clear about what you really want in life and satisfying your deepest desires without needing food.  ➤➤➤

Stop trying different diets that are humiliating when you feel like you’ve failed them, time-consuming, complicated, expensive and simply don’t work➤➤➤

Have a simple, clear path that you can (if that’s what you want) be guided, step-by-step to dive beneath the surface of your food struggles and heal what you find there - so you can create lasting peace and change in your life. ➤➤➤

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤

Get support, feedback, accountability, partnership, and training in our amazing members-only community.

Frequently asked questions


Q: I am new to EFT/Tapping, the anti-diet space, and Intuitive eating. I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes, this works especially well for people who are fed up with the diet world. There are many pieces of training that will teach you everything you need to learn along the way.

Q: I've been tapping for a while. Will I still find value?

A: Yes, this success club will provide you with resources, worksheets, training, a community, support, accountability, and opportunities that will help you gain the clarity you need to heal forward. You’ll be better equipt to implement what you already know. 

Q: Can I wait and join next month?

A: Yes of course. You can wait but the price might increase. Maybe, maybe not. It costs $7. You likely have that in coins on your dressor. It’s your choice, either way, my friend. 

Q: How much support is included?

A: It is our intention to respond to all members within 24-hours Monday - Friday.

Q: Does this work for weight loss?

A: Although weight loss is a common bi-product of healing your relationship with food, this program is for people who want to improve and heal their relationship with food and live life on their terms.  Chasing weight loss leads to disordered eating for most people. We go more into this. Join us :)

Q: I don’t have a lot of time. Do I need a bunch of time to make this work?

A: No, this is self-paced. The tools are at the ready whenever you need them. We do recommend you schedule time to absorb the material. If you don’t schedule the time and take the training, it can’t work. 

Q: I don't have confidence in myself. Will this still work for me since I tend to start and stop programs?

A: YES! This success club helps you to build your confidence. You will begin to have and celebrate your small wins from day 1. Although these results have been proven again and again, if you don’t do the work, you will not get results. If you follow the steps, YOU WILL GET RESULTS!

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and you’ll get access to our Facebook Club within 24 business hours.

Q: Can I cancel the membership?

A: Yes, you can cancel this membership at any time.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, there is a 14-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.



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