The Coach's Hotline


You’re just a push of a button away from the support, guidance, and accountability you need to cast aside limiting beliefs, break through mindset obstacles, and achieve emotional freedom so you can move forward toward your goals and live your best life and business!

The Coach’s Hotline gives you a virtual coach in your corner 24/7!


You should join The Coach’s Hotline if you:

  • Need direct access to an mindset and business empowerment coach who understands what you’re going through both physically and emotionally and can work with you immediately before you hit an obstacle or are in crisis!
  • Are struggling with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and need help to work through them before you get caught in those toxic emotions leading you to procrastination, self-sabotage, or other unwanted habits?
  • Want to reach out with questions when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, both about business concerns and emotional/mindset roadblocks?
  • Need more support and guidance than a once-a-week session and want to know that there’s someone that has your back no matter what?
  • Struggle with holding yourself accountable and need someone to check in and help you stay on track as you work to adjust your mindset and move forward toward your dreams and goals?

Listen – I know you’ve got an incredible dream for your life – maybe you want to become an entrepreneur and start your own business, maybe you want to go back to school and start a new career path, or maybe you are tired of struggling with negative beliefs, self sabotage, and want to end procrastination once and for all.


Whatever your dream is, you know WHAT you want to do, and you might even know HOW to make it happen…and that’s where you stop. When it comes to taking action, you feel overwhelmed, filled with anxiety, and unable to powerfully move forward.


You find excuses to put off your happiness…

“Now’s not the right time.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“I’ll do it when the kids are older.”


The excuses, procrastination, and indecision are the manifestations of your energy and emotional roadblocks. Deep down, you’re looking for reasons to put off what you want because that little voice in the back of your mind has taken over and become a BIG shadow in your life!


“I’ve tried before and failed, so why should this time be different?”

“I’m not smart enough.”

“Other people can, but I can’t.”

“I don’t have the willpower.”

“I never stick with anything.”


The fear of failure, the limiting beliefs, the anxiety that builds inside you – you can’t move forward toward the life you dream of because these emotional obstacles are blocking your path to joy and fulfillment!


But life doesn’t have to be like this! You CAN overcome these negative emotions, stress, and fear that are holding you back so you can embrace your dreams and live your BEST life!


By shifting your mindset, eliminating negativity, and creating a new, empowering mindset, you can say goodbye to excuses and leave behind procrastination and feelings of overwhelm. Instead you can turn your dreams into goals and create a plan of action that helps you move forward with confidence, focus, and excitement toward the future!


But – it’s almost impossible to shift your mindset, overcome anxiety, banish limiting beliefs, and end the manifestation of your negative thoughts on your own. From getting to the root of your emotional struggles to replacing fear with clarity and focus, you need someone who can guide you through your journey, offering support, guidance, strength, and accountability.

Instead of relying on impersonal books and blogs for general advice, trying to push through on your own, or even giving up and sticking with the status quo, it’s time to try a new approach…


I want to introduce you to the Coach’s Hotline, a monthly subscription service that gives you 24/7 access to a Mindset Empowerment, Gold Standard Emotional Freedom Technique Coach. Enjoy regular check-ins, direct support, and advice, guidance, and accountability from a coach who understands what you’re going through and can help you reset your mind and break free from painful emotions and limiting beliefs so you can achieve your dreams and live life with joy!


You are here for a reason!

You have a dream for a better life, whether it’s finding success in your business, charging your worth, improving your health, or vibrating on a higher level. But the problem is, even though you WANT to take these steps, you can’t because you…


  • Feel filled with anxiety at just the thought of getting started.


  • Have a powerful voice inside you telling you all the reasons you can’t.


  • Aren’t sure you can make all the changes you need to do on your own.


  • Are scared of failing or giving up.


  • Have tried before and couldn’t succeed. 


  • Trapped in a cycle of planning, then getting stressed or overwhelmed, so you put your plans aside.                      


  • Keep finding reasons why you can’t do it now or why you need to put off making changes in your life.              


  • Feel alone, isolated, and don’t have anyone in your life you can turn to for support or to help you stay on track.


I know how hard it is to have a dream for a better life/business but the stress, fear, and limiting beliefs is keeping you stuck right where you are. But you DON’T have to go through life like this!

There is hope for freedom from emotional obstacles so you can end the stress and procrastination and excuse-making once and for all and step into the life you’re meant to live!

Imagine if you could live a life where you’re moving toward your goals and traveling a path toward joy and fulfillment!

Imagine a life where you…

  • Have someone who has your back at all times, cheering you on, knowing you can absolutely succeed when you get your mindset right!
  • Don’t feel alone and overwhelmed! You can always reach out to vent, talk through your struggles, and get guidance on how to shift your energy, rather than feeling stuck, frustrated, and unhappy!
  • Get the accountability you need to stay on track and keep moving toward your goals while getting the support you need to feel confident and strong, even when you hit an obstacle!
  • Can get the advice and guidance for overcoming setbacks and get the boost you need to move forward rather than giving up!
  • Have someone who can help you talk through your negative emotions, get to the root of your stress and worry, and help you transform procrastination into forward momentum!

Most of all, you can achieve confidence, clarity, and comfort by having an expert Empowerment Coach with you whenever you need it!


I want to be with you through every step as you shift your mindset away from procrastination, poor confidence, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back right now so you can embrace a life of health, confidence, and joy!

I’ve been exactly where you are, and I know the struggle you’re going through. I struggled with poor confidence, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs since I was a child. I used food as a way to cover up my emotional struggles, which led to a battle with being overweight. I tried countless diets, but I couldn’t lose the weight because as soon as I’d feel stressed or overcome with doubt, I’d turn to food to feel better.

My physical health began to deteriorate due to my weight, and I wanted to lose it more than anything, but anytime I’d fail to lose weight from another diet, I just felt worse about myself. So, I’d turn to food. And I’d feel guilty for binge eating.

I FINALLY had an epiphany that my reliance on food, my struggles to lose weight, my confidence – ALL of it was related to my mindset. Instead of healing my negative thoughts and anxiety, I covered it with food. Instead of healing the limiting beliefs that told me I wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t lose the weight, I’d just try ANOTHER diet.

Once I turned toward fixing my mindset, empowering myself to make good choices, and supporting my physical and mental wellness with essential oils, the weight came off. But not only did I feel free of the weight (over 80 pounds!), I was free of the MENTAL weight that kept me addicted to food for so long.


By using Emotional Freedom Techniques in my everyday life, my relationship with myself became one of forgiveness, acceptance, and confidence. Just as important, EFT affected my external relationships, too. I was able to stop hiding behind my limiting beliefs and poor self-esteem and connect with people on a deeper level.


My personal transformation through EFT and mindset enhancement sparked a passion in me to want to help others. I knew so many amazing people who wanted more from their lives, whether it was from their health, career, or relationships, but they were trapped in their own negative mindset and toxic emotions.


To help others on their journey, I became a Gold Certified EFT coach. With this knowledge and training, I can provide those I serve with the tools needed to transform their mindset along with the emotional and mental strategies necessary to turn your dreams and goals into action!

Now, I want to help you with The Coach’s Hotline! You can experience private coaching that goes beyond weekly sessions and provides you with direct, 24/7 access!


The Coach’s Hotline is based on the idea that when you are faced with an obstacle, struggling with a setback, or battling with your own inner voices, you can get the support and guidance you need to work through it before it turns into a crisis. By being a part of The Coach’s Hotline, your certified empowerment coach is just the push of a button away, able to help you stay focused on your goals, work through obstacles, and celebrate successes with you! You’re never alone when you are a part of the Coach’s Hotline!

You’re encouraged to reach out any time you are:

  • Feeling stressed and tempted to turn back to old habits of procrastination, negative talk, or giving up…
  • Facing a choice related to your goals and are feeling overwhelmed and filled with anxiety…
  • Frustrated and agitated, needing a supportive ear to listen and guide you…
  • Needing help to stay on track as you work through your mindset shifts…
  • Having doubts about your action plan and your ability to make it happen…
  • Tempted to put off an action, even though it’s something you’ve been planning or is essential to fulfilling a goal…
  • Feeling alone and unsupported by people in your life who don’t understand your journey, dreams, or desire…
  • Needing someone who can hold you to your standards, keep you focused, and remind you of what you really want…

I’ll be there when you need me, providing guidance and support when you’re struggling, celebrating your wins with you, all while keeping you motivated to stay on track!

By joining The Coach’s Hotline, you will receive ongoing direct access to Gold Standard Emotional Freedom Techniques Empowerment Coaching.

I will provide you with:

  • A 15-minute Onboarding Call for new clients
  • Regular 15 minute checkins Monday-Friday from 9-5
  • Unlimited access to your coach 24/7 via the Voxer App (a free and secure walkie-talkie service on your phone that lets you send voice or text messages at anytime and I can receive them immediately!)
  • Direct access to your coach – no middle man, no answering service!

Having a coach by your side is priceless, but I’m offering this valuable, highly personalized service to you for only $1997 a month!

If you feel you need deeper support, accountability, and more resources, sign up for The Coaches Hotline!

This added support, accountability, and guidance can create the difference between feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated and feeling supported, empowered, and uplifted! You can enjoy this amazing service for just $1997 per month!



I went through a lot of things in my head as you were pulling out the ideas. The ideas challenged me to dig deeper, and I felt resistance on my part. I get scared sometimes and I question everything, but with the tapping and reminding myself that I’m in a safe place –– it’s okay to trust. I’m very grateful that you push me to a place to just keep digging, and it’s helping me and I’m seeing things more clearly than I was before. I know I have a ways to go, but for where I am right now, I’m grateful. Thank you. Thank you for your patience.


~Voxer Client


The Coach’s Hotline is unlike other mindset enhancement coaching programs because I’m holding a space for you 24/7! Unlike most coaching programs that offer 30/60-minute sessions a week and limited email support, you can reach out to me at any time through the Voxer app, which is both free and easy to use!

I want to make a promise to you…

If you sign up for the Coach’s Hotline, and you’re willing to reach out to me when you’re stuck, struggling, or needing support, I will be by your side. I’ll help you overcome your obstacles and make the changes in your life that allow you to achieve your goals and experience joy, fulfillment, excitement, and forward motion!

Stop feeling like you’re stuck in your life and business! With the right support, it’s possible to move forward as you work to reclaim your ideal life. With The Coach’s Hotline, you’re never alone! Reach out today, and let’s get started!


What My Clients Are Saying...


“Jason is an excellent coach and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the convenience of Voxer coaching. I can talk about my concerns, symptoms, ask questions etc… all on my own schedule. For me and my crazy busy life and schedule it is THE best way for me to be coached. So glad he introduced it!”

Renee H.

“Thank you, Jason, for your Voxer support. The prompt responses made me feel like I had exclusive attention. As soon as a thoght or question popped into my mind, I could express it, and to hear your verbal responses gave it a nice “personal” feel. I could also refer back to it anytime I neded.

Luis W.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will you contact me?
I will reach out to you for accountability purposes periodically if I haven’t heard from you, but otherwise, I want you to reach out to me to get the support you need, tap out your emotions, shift your energy and stay motivated.

I’m worried I’ll message or reach out too much.
No such thing! I want you to reach out to me. If you’re uncomfortable with voice-to-voice discussions, use the text option through Voxer! But reach out – I want you to succeed, reach your goals, and embrace life, and I want to be by your side as you do it!

Can I use a different method besides Voxer?
At this time, Voxer is the primarily what I use because it allows instant messaging both through voice and text, and my clients overwhelmingly enjoy the ease of use. What’sApp is another option too.

I signed up for the Coach’s Hotline Platinum Plan, but now that I’m in my groove, I don’t need it, but I also don’t feel ready to go it alone either. Can I switch?
You bet! If you need to upgrade or downgrade your plan, let us know at [email protected] We can find the program that will be a great option for you!

Do you offer refunds?
I don’t offer refunds because I want you to stay totally, 100% committed, take ownership, and utilize the option to reach out whenever you need to. However, you can always cancel the subscription, and it won’t renew for the following month.

How long does the Coach’s Hotline last?
This is a month-to-month subscription service, so as long as you’re in need of support and finding the program beneficial, I’ll be right there by your side!

If you have additional questions, reach out at [email protected].


Helping You Break Through Emotional Noise & Build Your Mindset Muscle
~ Jason Winters


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