Guaranteed To Feel Better During The Pandemic


I think we can all agree that we are going through some tough times during the pandemic.

No one is immune to the emotional issues we are facing.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who lives alone, and she was telling me that since the pandemic she has been feeling very low emotionally, and even feeling depressed when she wakes up. I gave her a few tips on mindfulness, and how she can add these simple tips along with tapping to achieve emotional freedom.

After just one week, this is the text message she sent me.


I explained to her that how we begin our morning can set the tone for how we feel emotionally the entire day. Here are some of the emotional freedom techniques I shared with her that you can incorporate into your morning routine to promote mindfulness, more peace, and calm.

  1. Try waking up a little earlier. Even though you are likely quarantined, a few extra minutes can allow you to enjoy your morning and accomplish some things while your mind is still fresh....
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