What to Do When You Feel Like a Fake; Impostor Syndrome in Business

Picture this; you've just landed your first big business contract; family, friends and colleagues are patting you on the back and singing your praises.

On the outside, you're smiling and look to others to be lapping up all the glory.

Yet, on the inside, there is a nagging voice in the back of your head.

It’s saying something along the lines of:

"I can't believe they picked me! I'm not even that smart; other people could do the job better!"

If this sounds familiar, you could be suffering from a psychological phenomenon called Impostor Syndrome.

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) is a practical way to face and diminish the symptoms, and often it will also guide you to the root cause of this syndrome.

To understand impostorism, we need to look at three factors.

  • What is impostor phenomenon?
  • Who is affected by it?
  • How can you work through it?


1. What is Impostor Phenomenon?


Impostor syndrome is a deep-seated feeling of inadequacy that your gifts and skills are...

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Are you troubled by persistent worries and anxious thinking? In this post, we explore simple, at home, exercises that will relieve your worried mind and calm your nerves. 


Worrying is when your mind focuses on a dilemma or obstacle in your life. It can also show up as a feeling of unease. We all worry at times, may it be consciously or unconsciously.  

Why do we worry? It’s our brains' way of processing events and looking for solutions to problems. It is also a protection mechanism. If we have already seen the outcome in our mind's eyewe feel more prepared to cope with it.  

Although it is normal to worry, it can become problematic if it turns into excessive worrying.  


When worrying becomes chronic, it may feel...

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Guaranteed To Feel Better During The Pandemic


I think we can all agree that we are going through some tough times during the pandemic.

No one is immune to the emotional issues we are facing.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who lives alone, and she was telling me that since the pandemic she has been feeling very low emotionally, and even feeling depressed when she wakes up. I gave her a few tips on mindfulness, and how she can add these simple tips along with tapping to achieve emotional freedom.

After just one week, this is the text message she sent me.


I explained to her that how we begin our morning can set the tone for how we feel emotionally the entire day. Here are some of the emotional freedom techniques I shared with her that you can incorporate into your morning routine to promote mindfulness, more peace, and calm.

  1. Try waking up a little earlier. Even though you are likely quarantined, a few extra minutes can allow you to enjoy your morning and accomplish some things while your mind is still fresh....
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