Why Does EFT Focus on The Negative?

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

How would you feel if accused of being a ‘negative person’? Ugh! The first thing most people notice when starting EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is that you must acknowledge and focus on the negative in your life. In order to become a ‘positive person,’ you need to take a deep dive into your own negativity.

Many clients I’ve worked with have tried to avoid that part of EFT and hope to get the same incredible results.  They wonder, is focusing on the negative really needed? Yes, it is. And because of that focus, EFT is an effective and quick modality for releasing negativity and increasing positive energy flow.

When overwhelm and anxiety begin to take over, the last thing you may want to do is ruminate on negativity.  You want to stop feeling bad and move forward. EFT works wonders for moving you forward and taking you on the life journey you really want.  However, like any other journey, you must acknowledge where you are, stick a pin in that place on the map, figure out your destination, stick another pin there, chart your trip, and then start moving.  

That is what we do in EFT.  We begin with the negative as the start of your journey and to have a guide to mark progress.  EFT will take you from a bumpy and slow ride, to quickly speeding along in the fast lane!

If you are used to affirmations and positive-only reprogramming as a way to lift your anxiety and overwhelm, EFT/Tapping may be a new concept.  While there is a place for positive affirmations in the EFT process, it is important to know when and where they belong. It is important to acknowledge the painful emotions you want to release.  Without clearly tuning into them, they will just keep popping up again and again, instead of being released. Someone I know compared it to trying to keep a beach ball underwater.

Beach balls are big, unwieldy, and it’s a challenge to hold onto them.  What if your life depended on holding a beach ball underwater? Could you do it?  If so, for how long? Let’s say that you are able to keep one down. You are sitting on it.  You are leaning on it. You have it between your legs. So far no one knows it’s there and you are keeping it a secret, but you are always struggling to keep your balance!  

Then life happens and some unexpected stress comes your way.  You get another ball. And another. And another. How effective would you be at holding three, four, or five beach balls underwater?  How long would it be before they start popping up all around you? That’s what negative experiences and emotions are doing in your life. You can hold them down with affirmations and positive thinking for a while, but alone it isn’t enough!

With Tapping and EFT, you acknowledge and admit that the balls are there, allow them to surface, and ask for help.  When you continue to ignore how you feel, the negative gains power. What you resist will persist.

On the other hand, it’s much easier to hold a beach ball down if there is no air in it.  Think of negative acknowledgment in EFT as letting the air out of the ball. For many people, just giving voice to what they have been hiding and unable to release is often the tipping point to setting yourself free.

As your tapping routine progresses, you will gain valuable insight about the origin of your anxiety, overwhelm and the issues that have been “beach balls” in your life.  Soon you will move to the positive and focus your attention exactly where you want to go. The whole ocean is yours to swim in and with EFT you can!

Ready to really break through negative emotions?  I invite you to learn even more benefits of EFT by clicking here for my free class teaching you How to Defeat 6 Common Emotional Struggles to Achieve Lasting Freedom with EFT.


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