Using Eft To Ease Long Held Fears And To Welcome My New Son Into The World

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

Since beginning my EFT journey I have used tapping to calm nerves, eliminate lifelong fears, and free my emotions.

I have regularly used tapping to overcome my fear of the birthing process.

It is an anxiety I have lived with since we found out we were pregnant and one I was eager to silence during my wife’s pregnancy. Through a combination of advance tapping and in-the-moment tapping, I was able to provide my wife with love and support as well as to bring my son into this world with joy and calm rather than anxiety.

My biggest fears

My main fears regarding the birthing process encompassed both a fear of the actual birth as well as the fear of becoming a father and all of the weight that the role carried.

I love my wife deeply and wanted to be present and active during her delivery. Yet, I was afraid that my genuine phobia of blood and needles would prevent me from being in the moment or even able to look at my son during his emergence into this world.

Like most parents-to-be, I was also anxious to be bringing a son into this world. I knew that from the moment of delivery onward my life would be forever changed and this anticipation caused deep-seated fears to emerge even while I was excited to be a father.

Tapping into the mindset of fatherhood

In the months and weeks leading up to the delivery date, I regularly utilized tapping to help myself transition into the mindset of becoming a father.

Daily tapping helped me prepare for the new journey that I was about to embark upon.

I grew calmer with the idea that I would now be responsible for another life and that this new addition to my family would forever change me.

I became peacefully excited, both through tapping techniques and regular communication with God, to become the father that my son deserved and the husband that my wife would need.

The birth

The actual birthing process was, hands-down, what I feared most. For as long as I can remember I have been nauseated with fear at the thought of blood, needles, and everything in between. I knew that I would come head-to-head with these fears during my son’s birth.

At one in the morning, my wife woke me and told me that the time had finally come! After getting us safely into the car and en route to the hospital I immediately began my tapping process. During the drive to the hospital, I was constantly tapping and praying. By the time the moment came I was in exactly the headspace I wanted to be.

I am endlessly proud of my wife, who powerfully delivered our son –– and I am also proud of myself for overcoming my anxieties and being fully present with a joyful calming heart throughout the entire process.

The reward was being able to watch my son begin crowning and emerging whole and perfect into this world, with both his father and mother fully present. Throughout my wife’s contractions, I used tapping techniques on both of us. I tapped on her to soothe her in between contractions and the unexpected. I was able to be the support system that I so greatly wanted to be.

Meet Xavier


The truth

I’ll be frank- there were moments post-delivery that I simply could not stomach. Seeing my newborn injected with needles was more than I could handle at the moment. I had to look away and focus elsewhere. This demonstrates that I still have so much more growing to do through tapping and EFT (like we all do).

I’m excited to continue deepening my tapping practice and looking forward to the continued freedom that it will grant me from my emotions. This is a practice that has changed my life and I am looking forward to helping you discover it as well.

What’s next

Stay tuned for next week’s post where we’ll delve deeper into my wife’s experience- from her perspective! She’ll offer invaluable insight into how tapping and EFT helped her through one of life’s biggest milestones. She will discuss nervousness, physical pain, and the emotional weight of moving into a new chapter of her life.

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