Stress Relief In An Instant With Finger Tapping

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

Stress is an everyday encounter for all of us and a daily practice of regular EFT is the beginning of a great defense. But what about…

– when co-workers drop by your desk every time you are busy getting things done and won’t leave?

-when you are stuck in traffic or a long line at the grocery store and you’re already running late for your appointment?

– when your difficult in-laws stop in unexpectedly and you have to play nice to keep the peace?


In other words, what about sudden onset stress?


Unfortunately, there are many everyday situations that make us feel irritated, tired, bored, discouraged.  These little seemingly insignificant moments get stockpiled in our nervous system and over time they block the positive energy we need to be happy. Your shoulders are up to your ears, your co-worker is becoming a literal “pain in the neck”, and a headache is on the way.   Now what?


This is the perfect time to employ FingerTapping- or as I like to call it, “Instant EFT”.  Like an old school cup of Sanka decaf coffee, this is ready to go right away, and you can grab this Emotional Freedom Technique session any time.  Don’t worry, no one will even know you are doing it. Sound too good to be true? Let’s try a round together.


There are energy channel or endpoints at the ends of your fingers; these are right beside your fingernail.  These finger tapping points are generally not used in traditional EFT. You will use these instead of the usual tapping points.


Another difference is that, since you are already in the midst of high focus and frustration, you don’t need to create a setup statement or say anything at all. You can just go ahead and start tapping. (This way next time “Joe” walks in your cubicle, you are armed with a ready defense!)


Note: The description below is for one handed finger tapping. However you can always use two hands if they are both free and get a double dose!


1. Tap on the inside edge of your right index (pointer) finger with your right thumb.  Be sure to tape just on the side of the fingernail.
2. Use your thumb to that place on your right middle finger, your right ring finger and your right little finger (pinky).
3. Use your right thumb

That is Finger Tapping!  Do you see how easy and convenient it is to do?


When You Can Do It

Personally, I use this EFT method almost every single day.  With a new baby, I often don’t have both hands free, but the amazing effects of EFT are too good to go without. So finger tapping is great in between my traditional rounds.

Here are just a few examples of when you can use finger-tapping:

1. During a business meeting when you are hearing bad news
2. When the kids are rambunctious and you need to concentrate on family finances
3. When you have to have a critical conversation about a sensitive topic
4. When you are driving to a meeting you don’t want to attend
5. While doing any kind of stressful planning with a group (think event planning, fundraisers, wedding…you get the idea)


What other circumstances can you think of to use this method?  Any time you are feeling out of sorts, finger tapping is an excellent technique.


Discretion Matters

Finger tapping is a discreet way to employ EFT in public and still maintain your privacy.

If you are not yet comfortable with finger-tapping there are a few ways to keep your practice truly out of sight:

1. Keep your hands low under the table or hidden by the table cloth while sitting
2. Finger-tap in rhythm with music playing in the background
3. Adjust your body just a little while standing so that one hand is not seen
4. Come up with whatever feels comfortable for you!

Right in the midst of a conversation you can provide an amazing level of self-care and immediately elevate your mood, increase your energy and let the negativity go. People WILL notice the change, but just keep them guessing!  (It will be our little secret.)


Less Stress In An Instant!

Finger-tap as many times as you need to throughout the day.  Since it’s easy and you can start immediately, you will fit more sessions of tapping in than ever.  You will be less stressed, increase the positive vibes in your relationships and you might even have better and more restful sleep.  How’s that for a win?!

When I look at my new son Xavier and my precious wife that gave this gift to me, I want to be my absolute best for them.  Energy is precious and it touches more than just you. It affects how you think, how you work and the way you relate to your family.  No one wants to come home inundated with low vibrations and negative energy.


When you can’t do traditional EFT, remember:  Success is in your own hands!


Ready for true emotional freedom?  I invite you to learn even more benefits of EFT by clicking here for my free class teaching you How to Defeat 6 Common Emotional Struggles to Achieve Lasting Freedom with EFT.


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