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Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

Last month my wife, Alexis, and I welcomed our first baby into the world –– a beautiful, healthy boy named Xavier. As one can imagine, we are now settling into our new roles as parents and all of the craziness that comes with it. I recently sat down with my wife and asked her perspective on her journey through pregnancy, giving birth, and settling into motherhood.


Alexis regularly practices tapping and used the technique throughout her journey. She’d love to share about how tapping helped her navigate these exciting and terrifying times!


“Having recently gone through one of the most life-altering experiences one can have, I have a new perspective on the power of tapping. I have been using EFT and tapping for some time, but I had no idea how much it would help me navigate the experience of being pregnant and giving birth.


I recall, in my first trimester, my body starting to change. These changes were magnified by the fact that, at the same time, I had a million new thoughts racing through my mind. It was a time of immense challenge, both physically and mentally.


I started using tapping daily during this first trimester.


At times I felt the sudden onslaught of an immense headache –– one that would literally bring me to my knees. During these moments, I would tap on the places on my body where this discomfort could be released. A combination of the physical tapping and guiding myself mentally through the moment released the tension in my body and instantly relieved the pain. Seeing and feeling the powerful effects of tapping during these moments helped me realize how crucial it was to integrate the practice into the rest of this journey.”


At times my wife would stop suddenly in our home, overcome by some pain or discomfort that I couldn’t fathom, and would quickly begin her tapping practice. I also noticed in my wife a welling fear of the pain of giving birth. She was headed entirely into the unknown and sometimes felt afraid and anxious. During these times she would lay down in our home, tap on herself while choosing positive thoughts over fearful ones, and the combination would help give her mental clarity. Sometimes we would talk through the fear she was experiencing and work together to tap into her sense of peace about the coming months. After these sessions, her mood was markedly lighter and her anxieties wholly subsided.


“It was another beast entirely when the actual time came to a head to the hospital. Not only was I starting to experience immense physical pressures, but I couldn’t keep my mind from racing. When it was time to hop in the car my husband jumped behind the wheel and helped me begin tapping. He started tapping and encouraging the discomfort to subside, or at least for my mind to not register it. The physical response was immediate. Every time I felt a contraction start coming on he would tap and say the same encouraging, peaceful words, and, again, I was through yet another contraction.


When we got to the hospital things moved quite quickly! Before I knew it, I was in a bed, surrounded by my husband, our doula, and the midwife. While they went to work stabilizing me for delivery, Jason went to work tapping to relax our body and mind. The simultaneous tapping was to reminded myself that I was powerful, safe and that I needn’t fear any longer. This kept my mind at ease and helped me focus on the task at hand.


When it came time to push and bring my baby into this world, I closed my eyes tight and let my body take over. All the while my husband tapped my forehead and my body and, subconsciously my body responded accordingly. He tapped while also speaking words of positivity and love and my mind, conditioned to the power of tapping, was able to release any cortisol, or stress, from my body. It wasn’t until after the birth that I realized his tapping practice was a major factor in how smoothly my birth had gone.”


And, now that the baby is here we use tapping more than ever! Now that we’re a family of three we’ve had some real mental adjusting to do. At times either Alexis or I will become overwhelmed by exhaustion –– as one would expect when caring for a newborn. It is during these times that we find a place to sit or lie down, close our eyes, and use tapping to bring ourselves more clarity, energy, and to release the fears that were, in many cases, causing our exhaustion. This is a daily practice. Sometimes I will find Alexis tapping while working to clear any negative thoughts or anxieties. At other times I will need to tap on myself to regain my peace of mind and to release negative feelings. This practice absolutely makes us better parents and partners –– there’s no doubt about it.


“Not only are we better parents than I ever believed we could be, but, daily we feel calmer and more capable. It helped me through one of the most intense human experiences and allowed me to exist in my calmest, most peaceful state. I am incredibly grateful for this technique. Without it, we wouldn’t have the same vibrancy or clarity as parents that we have. Tapping has made life more manageable, brought more positivity into my mind’s eye, and helped my husband, and I to be the best possible partners to one another.”

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