Reset Your Goals And Achieve Them With EFT

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

If you are wondering how nearly one half of the year is already gone, join the club.  Time moves on and with it the well intentioned goals so carefully crafted months ago are stuck in a journal or on a vision board and have gone unrealized.  You are not the problem. You are not alone. The issue lies with lack of clarity on your original intentions and being unaware of the underlying limiting beliefs that hold you back.  That’s OK. With EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), starting where you are is always the right place. So now that summer is here, go ahead and give yourself permission to have a fresh start.


Do you ever find that when you are setting goals you are reluctant to state them out loud or share them?  If you have experienced this, you might think that it’s because you don’t want to fail in front of others.  But most often the resistance comes from the imagined embarrassment you will feel.  What’s behind the embarrassment?  That is what you want to unlock.


To be clear, any time you are very clear about what you want or (don’t want) strong resistance is sure to follow.  Triggers and blocks are on the heels of resistance. When you feel this arise, don’t be alarmed, and by all means do not allow this to stop you from clarifying your intentions, goal-setting, or working to get what you want. EFT work is like demolition on a house.  When you are equipped with the right tools you can knock down anything standing in your way and then use the same tools to follow the blueprints and build your dream home. In fact, with honesty and tapping, you can create a positive way forward.


Let’s Do Some EFT Together


A few positive rounds is a good place to start.  This might be a little different than what you might be used to, but extremely effective when you want to zone in.


Even though I feel a little afraid, I am ready to have clarity about what I really want.

Doing this work may bring some of my innermost negative feelings to the forefront.

Feeling these negative feelings is OK for the moment because I want to know where the resistance is coming from.

I choose peace while I take a look at these feelings.  

I am brave enough to call the shots and see exactly what is blocking my path.

I feel the fears moving far away from me and I see more clearly what I really want.

I have the right tools to work through the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been in my way.


Next Steps


What goal would you like to reach?  Saving money each month? Eating a cleaner diet?  Improving the relationship with your spouse or children? Having better work/life balance?  Reducing stress and overwhelm?


With clarity on what has held you back in the past, you are in a much better position to achieve your goals going forward. By using EFT you can hone right in on the negative feelings that surface and release their power through tapping on them.


Ready for true emotional freedom?  I invite you to learn even more benefits of EFT by clicking here for my free class teaching you How to Defeat 6 Common Emotional Struggles to Achieve Lasting Freedom with EFT.


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